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We offer buckthorn removal to the entire Twin Cites area, central Minnesota, and far-western Wisconsin

How Do I Know I Have
a Buckthorn Problem?

You may see bushes like this:

Or groups of buckthorn trees:

The Minnesota DNR also has info on identifying buckthorn.

Why Is Buckthorn Bad?

-It kills and inhibits the growth of native plants and trees

-It destroys wildlife habitats

-It hosts pests like Crown Rust Fungus and Soybean Aphids

-It contributes to erosion by blocking sunlight to plants that grow on the forest floor

-It has no native "enemies" (like animals, insects, or diseases) to keep its growth in check

-Its berries are strongly attractive to birds and act as a diuretic, causing the birds to pass the berry seeds rapidly, which accelerates the spreading of the buckthorn

(Discover more about Minnesota buckthorn!)

Minnesota Buckthorn Removal Service

Serving all of central Minnesota

Buckthorn is a large shrub, but can grow to become a small tree with a diameter greater than 12 inches. It displaces or kills native plants in the sub-canopy and shrub-layer of woodlands in 68 of 87 Minnesota counties. European and glossy buckthorn varieties are officially listed as restricted noxious weeds in Minnesota. It is illegal to import, sell, or transport buckthorn in Minnesota.

You may be one of the many Minnesota homeowners who want the invasive buckthorn OFF your property. If so, we can help.

The Palumbo Landscaping and Services team are professionally trained and and experienced in getting rid of invasive buckthorn and allowing you to enjoy a better view of your property once more.

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Check out this short (3-min.) video on how we remove invasive buckthorn:

How We'll End Your Buckthorn Problem

We're your one-stop shop for buckthorn removal. We remove it, prevent it from coming back, offer a maintenance program, mulch it on-site, and plant healthy shrubs and/or trees in place of the buckthorn - all at the same time.

We use the most effective anti-buckthorn agent on the market - which not only kills it, but also minimizes the chance of re-growth.

Once we've removed the buckthorn, we replace it with foliage that makes your property look good again and that's beneficial to the environment (we recycle the shredded buckthorn by using it as mulch around your new plantings, which helps minimize weeds and retain moisture).

On top of all this we are:

- Experienced - in business since 1995
- Bonded
- Insured
- Rated A+ by the
Better Business Bureau
- Members of Angie's List
- Super-serious about our work
- Upfront and honest about what we charge

We're also happy to:

- Serve residential & commercial properties as well as work with
  local municipalities and state & federal agencies
- Have served hundreds of happy Minnesota customers
- Offer Senior discounts and cash discounts
- Offer special "large project" pricing
- Accept all major credit cards and Paypal
- Be able to work outside every day in beautiful Minnesota!

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We look forward to removing your buckthorn and restoring the health of your property!

"We hired Joe Palumbo to assist with our back yard. It was a an ugly mess of buckthorn, poison ivy and weeds. They came in, cleaned everything up, installed edging and mulched everything in along our fence line. Working with Joe and his crew was extraordinary. From the initial quote through the constant open communication and then working with the crew and his follow up, Joe is very personable and is really concerned about doing everything just right.."
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"Palumbo = professional and fair. We had appx 180 feet x 8 ft of buckthorn and boxelder/scrub trees that had become an eyesore along a fence. Because it was in the overhead lines, I decided I needed a professional. I contacted Joe for a quote and received immediate response and guidance. His pricing was fair, he was able to get his crew onsight quickly (about 9 days after I accepted the quote), he kept me informed at all stages of the process (this is huge for me), and the results are excellent and as promised. I will definitly be using Palumbo's Landscaping again."
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