If you own or manage a commercial property, you know the importance of first impressions. First impressions matter to both the prospective tenants who will operate their businesses from your property and their future customers. Both of these will spend money so long as you provide them with a place they feel comfortable doing so.

If your property is outdated or neglected, it’s much harder to keep tenants long-term and by switching businesses so frequently, customers don’t become regulars. All of this hurts your bottom line! While it’s an investment, updating your property with a commercial landscaping overhaul or makeover could be the change your property needs.

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Commercial Landscaping Overhaul

  1. Memorable first impressions. This is the biggest one and why it’s been mentioned twice. Aside from the local dive bar, very few commercial tenants or customers want to patronize places that are neglected, old, and dusty. This applies to exterior spaces too and if your walkways and yard are a mess, people will assume the same applies to the tenants.
  2. Improved use of space and visitor flow. Are you utilizing your space effectively? Do you have appropriate pedestrian seating options? How about safe and level pathways? Do you have trash cans available so visitors have the opportunity to avoid littering? Do the shrubs and vegetation complement the space or create unnecessary hazards and debris? When you perform a large-scale landscaping overhaul, you can correct the mistakes from last time and update the space for today’s needs.
  3. Increases property value. This is called commercial landscaping, which means you’re in this for a return on your investment and securing passive income. What better way to invest in your property than leveling up the landscaping and design? Doing so will also pay off before you sell, as nicer properties fetch higher rent prices! It’s a win-win situation for the business-savvy investor.
  4. Environmental benefits. Depending on what you have currently (or don’t have), adding new flowers, shrubs, and trees could really offer more to local wildlife! It’s always nice to have a wide variety of birds visiting along with insects such as pollinating bees and butterflies.

Popular Commercial Landscaping Services Near Minneapolis

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Whether you own an office complex, retail shopping center, restaurant, hotel, or anything in between, the Landscape Guys can deliver the commercial landscaping overhaul you’ve needed! Contact Landscape Guys today to discuss your goals and to get an estimate.  We serve the entire Twin Cities area and beyond.