You probably need a culvert installed on your landscape if any of the following is true:

  1. A stream runs through your property
  2. You need to pass over a stream or small body of water to access your property
  3. Some of your landscape drainage is so poor that a large pool or small pond forms after heavy rainfall
  4. Your property gets flooded when an adjoining river overflows

Most people don’t know what culverts are, other than maybe that thing you once dared the other kid to swim through or crawl into.  But you probably know one when you see one.  A culvert is simply a large tube that allows water to flow through an embankment, often under a road, rather than dam up next to it or flood it.  The humble culvert is a common sight on farms, construction sites, and parks, but it’s also a simple and low-profile feature found on well-designed residential landscapes that tend to flood or that easily may flood.  It’s like a tunnel for water that naturally “wants” to flow from point A to point B.  A culvert is a way to control or influence where that water flows, so that it doesn’t flow in an unpredictable and disastrous way.  It prevents flooding and erosion.  

Most modern culverts are made of galvanized steel or of thick corrugated plastic (polyethylene) pipe, usually 12-24 inches in diameter, and usually black.  For handling serious water, a larger culvert may be made of prefabricated concrete.  Old culverts may be made of brick.  The corrugated poly pipe is usually what our customers need.

To keep some critters and debris out of your culvert, we can install wire mesh on one or both of the openings.

We help customers with related challenges and honey-dos, like waterproofing a wet basement, improving yard drainage, installing underground downspouts, and installing fish ponds and other water features.  For one thing, that means we can tie the culverts into the rest of your drainage or water-handling system, so that the water only goes where you want it to go.

With one or more culverts, you’ll reduce your risk of flooding, stop or reduce soil erosion, and add a new route to your annual rubber ducky regatta.

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