My yard - I'm almost as proud of it as you'll be of YOUR yard! My yard – I’m almost as proud of it as you’ll be of YOUR yard!

Whether your current view is “Nothing’s too good for MY estate” or “This place is a pig farm minus the livestock,” Landscape Guys will get your landscape to function and look exactly the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Perhaps you just want something solid and built to last – a hearty meat-and potatoes type of landscape.  Or perhaps you want all the fixin’s and a slice of triple-chocolate lava cake – a landscape that’s “extra” (as the kids say).  Either way, we’re your guys,

Our specialty is the complete landscape makeover.  It’s the outdoor equivalent of a home renovation.  But instead of removing 1970s pistachio-colored shag carpet, ugly wood paneling, and dingy incandescent fixtures, we remove rough patches created by DIY projects gone bad, another landscapers’ “work,” Mother Nature, or Father Time.

In place of the old, inadequate, or worn-out we add meticulously designed features that make your whole property look alive and fresh, but at the same time look like they had to have been there all along, ever since the Big Guy Upstairs let there be land.

That’s the big picture, of course.  But how do we get from your current landscape to the landscape you’ve always wanted?  Almost all of our landscape makeovers consist of a few basic parts that just about every customer needs:

  • Removing your old landscaping (like decorative rock, mulch, poly-sheeting, fabric, boulders, blocks, patio stones, edging, turf, overgrowth, trees, shrubs, etc.).
  • Clearing brush, hauling away other debris, or both.
  • Grading the land, so that you don’t have yard-drainage problems (or wet basements), and so any new features are on smooth ground. By the way, this ties in with what we’d do to remedy a wet basement, if you’ve got a wet or damp basement.
  • Spreading new topsoil for new grass (whether seed or sod).
  • Hydroseeding, which is an extremely effective way to plant grass that will survive and thrive through even ultra-dry summers.
  • An in-ground irrigation system to keep your new landscape lush and green (including drip-irrigation for new or existing plantings, trees, etc.).
  • Installing edging – whether it’s poly, steel, wood, stone, concrete, or curbing (we even offer custom-poured and colored “lighted” curbing).
  • Installing decorative rock and weed barrier.
  • Adding mulch – to create tree rings and flower beds.
  • Adding plantings, like trees, shrubbery, perennials, or annuals.

Often we’ll also install underground downspouts, build retaining walls, paver patios & driveways, pathways, firepits, and even complete outdoor kitchens with your very own wood-fired pizza oven.  We might even install decorative boulders, low-voltage lighting, privacy fencing or ornamental fencing, and other features that look great and make your yard more usable, enjoyable, and beautiful.

Plus, if you happen to own lakefront property, there’s a LOT more we can do, beginning with stopping the erosion of your shoreline.

Yours can be the place where all the birds are chirping and all the bunnies sniff romance in the air.  Contact Landscape Guys to make it so.

By the way, Yours Truly, Joe, owner of Landscape Guys, is not the mechanic whose car won’t run or the shoemaker whose son’s feet have Lego scars.  The photo at the top of this page is of my property, as is the photo below.  I’ll treat your yard as I would my own (or even better, because my dog won’t have the run of your place).