One of the more important elements of your landscaping and design will usually be the trees. Many of us tend to use trees as anchors or focal points in our yards. And like everyone else, the Landscape Guys love trees too and include them in most of our installations and designs!

However, one of the challenging things about trees is the length of time (as in years) it takes for them to reach that towering height and size you envisioned when planting them. Unfortunately, trees reaching that stature isn’t a short wait, such as 3-5 years, but more likely a 15-20 year timeframe. Due to the level of commitment you’ll invest in your trees, it behooves all homeowners to take tree care and maintenance seriously.

Below we’ll share why hiring professional and experienced landscapers such as Landscape Guys is a good idea for tree services such as pruning, limb removal, and canopy lifts.

The Benefits of Regular Tree Care and Pruning

  • Tree Health. Nothing pains us more than having to tell a homeowner that their beloved tree has to come down due to rot, disease, or damage. To help prevent that, we recommend regular pruning and performing a light inspection after the change of each season. This will allow you to notice any diseased, dead, or potentially hazardous limbs (like those that could fall on property or people) that need attention. This can help minimize the spread to healthy portions of your tree and protect it from further damage.
  • Longevity and Integrity. When you have a healthy tree, it’s usually because it was able to form deep and strong roots, gets the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients and when it gets an injury, you help repair it. By doing all of this no different than maintaining other areas of your home, you’ll hedge your bets that your tree will grow strong and tall vs having to be replaced every 5 years.
  • Safety for People and Property. As we mentioned above, falling trees or limbs are very dangerous and can seriously damage assets like your home’s roof, deck, automobiles, and oh yeah, you and your family! Seriously, if you see a tree limb that looks like it could snap off in a strong wind or you see your tree leaning for no particular reason, call us for a quick inspection and avoid walking near it.
  • Curb Appeal. Having your trees (and landscaping in general) properly maintained is really effective at increasing visibility on the property. This is beneficial as it shows off your home’s curb appeal more easily and it reduces the dark corners where overgrowth can run wild. We always recommend that homeowners keep vegetation away from their homes by at least 4-6 feet to reduce areas where a burglar, wild animals, or debris can accumulate or hide.

Popular Tree Services Near Minneapolis

Usually, when a business or homeowner contacts the Landscape Guys for tree care services, it will be one of the following:

  • Tree Pruning
    • Tree pruning is a great way to provide balance and shape to your trees. Often trees grow a bit heavy on one side or the other or maybe have some branches that are longer than the rest. Whatever needs shaping or cutting, we’ll be able to help!
    • Pruning is also a great way of thinning out areas of your tree for better light exposure and reducing the number of fall leaves collecting in the yard.
  • Limb Removal
    • Limb removal is critical to prevent dangerous situations that could arise in fierce storms or weather. Strong gusts of wind or heavy snowfall can frequently snap limbs that fall onto vehicles, homes, or even people. What’s frustrating is that many of these situations could have been avoided with more proactive limb removal. If you see a limb that’s hanging too far over the roof or deck, one that’s dry, dead, or diseased, contact us today for a quick inspection!
  • Canopy Lifts
    • Canopy lifts are important from both a safety and aesthetic perspective. Regarding safety, it’s always advised that trees have 6-8 feet of clearance above the ground. While Minnesota isn’t known for fires, this is done because it reduces the chance of ground fire from spreading into a tree and then the canopies. Likewise, it reduces low-hanging tree limbs from being poking hazards for your and your friends’ passing eyeballs.
    • Canopy lifts are also great for aesthetics as reducing the canopy or opening it up can really change the vibe of the property. You’d be amazed how having a section removed or raised can expose a view you were unaware of or how it can make the space more welcoming with sunlight. Also, it can allow a smaller tree or group of smaller trees growth opportunities, as they’ll receive more sunlight when the bigger neighbor who has been hogging it is pruned.

Do you have a situation that’s not listed? There’s a good chance we can help or recommend someone who can, so please call us today to share more details and we’ll do our best to get it done!

Contact Landscape Guys today to discuss your goals and to get an estimate.  We serve the entire Twin Cities area and beyond.