Stone steps installation in Minnesota

While investing in natural stone staircases isn’t for every homeowner, when clients ask us for them, it’s one of the landscaping projects we look forward to the most. Sure, there are some conveniences when using faux stone steps or manmade blocks, but installing natural stone is a fun option to puzzle together a rock-solid (pun intended) option that will handle rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

The natural elements of using stone will transform what could have been a rather standard stairway into a highly functional (but also secure and safe) option that blends into the hillside. And don’t worry, they’re sturdy too, so you won’t experience any wobbling when going up and down. Homeowners and guests frequently say how much they love walking on the stone steps, as it allows them to feel more connected to the outdoors.  And they’re just so bleepin’ pretty to look at.

What’s nice about installing stone steps is that they are:

  1. Incredibly attractive. With natural surfaces and one-of-a-kind patterns or traits, no two stones are identical.
  2. Sense of permanence. Natural stone steps will be there for the long haul.
  3. Very durable. They don’t say a person is caught between a rock and a hard place to imply rocks are soft and malleable like Play-Doh. These durable and sturdy steps will withstand the test of time and the weather like true champions.
  4. Rarely move. These suckers are heavy, so once we place them on their base, it would take a lot of effort to move them.
  5. Easy to resupply. If you need to replace one, you know the supplier (Mother Nature) will always have stock!

For some customers, natural stone steps can be tricky to implement because they do cost more than faux stone steps or premade blocks. This is because they often require a bit more finesse and strategy to install, plus, depending on what stone you order, it may be less common in your region which can increase the cost.

At the end of the day, if you’re able to, we recommend natural stone stairways and steps because they offer a timeless quality that enhances any home! It’s a good investment for the property, one that you, friends, and family can enjoy, and something unique to separate you from the neighbors. While we’re at it, if you need any landscaping makeovers or whole-yard redesigns, we’ve got you covered!

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