Swimming pool landscaping in Minnesota

Whether you have a semi-permanent Doughboy or a large in-ground pool, we can help make it an entertaining focal point for your backyard. Depending on the materials and type of goals you have for the space will help determine the vibe and use of the space. What may have been a relatively useless and stale backyard can easily be transformed into a true oasis that your whole family can enjoy! Pairing a mixture of aesthetic upgrades and practical improvements, the goal is to deliver the best of both worlds – form and function.

Top Benefits of Swimming Pool Landscaping

Having a private swimming pool is cool enough, but if you’re able to design your backyard landscaping to complement and improve the pool’s experience, even better! In addition to making the house look nice, landscaping around your pool can also provide:

  1. Privacy. Pools are great, but oftentimes our customers want added privacy. Depending on your neighbor’s sightlines, it could make sense to install shrubs or a hedge to help provide ground-level privacy or trees to provide canopy coverage. Just keep in mind fall and winter and whether your new additions will drop their leaves all over your pool. Consider evergreen-type shrubs and trees.
  2. Wind protection. Having a wind block is a great added bonus to shrubbery being planted near the pool, as it can help dissipate the wind’s force. This makes for more comfortable lounge sessions and less debris getting blown into the pool.
  3. Noise reduction. Pools have a lot of concrete and tile that can allow for voices to echo and reverberate nearby. By having shrubbery around the pool, you essentially add an organic noise filter to provide a more peaceful environment. Your neighbors will still be able to hear you, but hopefully the screams of “cannonball!” are less sharp and jarring.
  4. Improved safety. We all know it’s costly to own a pool and liability insurance makes it even more expensive! While many policies and homes use traditional fences around their pool, you can also incorporate strategically placed items to reinforce entrances and areas that are more restricted. For example, dense rose bushes or other unfriendly options can create an additional buffer. Also, by using grass and rocks near the pool instead of slick concrete, many parents say their kids experience fewer trips or falls thanks to the change of surface materials.
  5. Shade and cooling. While Minnesota isn’t known as a suntanning hotspot, it’s nice to have a break from the sun every now and then. By planting a tree or two strategically near your pool, you can create a natural shady spot.

When you consider all the factors above when designing your pool’s landscaping, the attention to detail and foresight will pay off when you sell! Homes with pools and clever landscaping that makes the best use of the space are always a hit!

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