Shoreline Landscape Jobs Near Forest Lake MN: We’re Hiring for 3 Different Shoreline Builder Jobs:

1. Full-time, year-round career.  Includes unlimited overtime (if you want it) and work in the winter, with many ways to advance.  Read about the full-time career below, and apply for it at the bottom of this page.

2. Summer job. Includes unlimited overtime. Read about the seasonal job (usually runs April through October) below, and apply for it at the bottom of this page.

3. Jobsite foreman. Think you have what it takes to run a crew? Read about and apply for the foreman job.

If you’re interested in landscaping short-term or long-term, consider becoming part of our shoreline restoration crew.  We build and restore shorelines on lakefront property, for customers who want to end erosion and make their property look great.

In case you’re thinking, “Great, but I don’t know anything about shorelines,” lakeshore work is very similar to landscaping, except it’s near the water’s edge.  We work with materials like stone (the finest riprap in the Midwest), fabric, loam, sand, crushed rock, mulch, edging, patios, retaining walls, stone steps, topsoil, sod, seed, and of course.

Shoreline work is like landscaping work in the sense that you get to work with your hands, work outdoors, work with friendly and easygoing guys, get a daily workout, and learn a skill.  At the same time, it’s not like the typical landscape job, in that we don’t hire anyone and everyone who can fog a mirror.

We’re obsessed with craftsmanship that everyone will be proud of.  We never rush through a job – and always take our time in an effort to achieve true perfection.  We call it “shoreline landscaping” for the purposes of hiring, because that term gives you the basic idea of what we do.  Here’s one photo (of many) and a video that will show you the kind of transformation you can help pull off for our customers.

Whether you want to do shoreline restoration work year-round or only in the warmer months, we are hiring.

Job requirements of working on our shoreline restoration crew

We don’t want to waste each other’s time, so please know that we CANNOT hire you unless you meet a few basic criteria:

1. You must be able to pass a drug test and not have other substance-related demons.

2. Your background check must not cause us any great concern.

3. Your driving record must not cause us any great concern.

4. You must live within 20 miles of Forest Lake, MN.

3 kinds of shoreline landscaper job openings

If you meet the above criteria, you’re probably a good fit for one or more shoreline landscaping positions.  We have openings for 3 different kinds of jobs:

Shoreline landscape job opening 1: Summer / Seasonal Laborer. We always need young guys (high school or college-age) in the summer months.  If you’re willing to work hard and develop professionalism, you can make solid money during the warmer months.  We offer unlimited overtime (we don’t cut you off after 40 hours a week), so you can squeeze a lot out of however many months you’re with us in a season. No landscaping experience is required (though that’s a plus).


Shoreline landscape job opening 2: Year-Round Full-Time Shoreline Builder.  If you want to work hard with a great crew and make good money year-round, we’ll always have work for you.  No landscaping experience required.  Because we offer unlimited overtime, you can earn as much as you want in a given week.

If you’re with us full-time you will always have the opportunity to assume more responsibility and move up the totem pole.  Note: especially if you work for another company and feel underpaid, underappreciated, or as though there’s nowhere to advance to, then this may be the perfect job for you.

Shoreline landscape job opening 3: Year-Round Full-Time Foreman.  You might call it more of a “foreman apprenticeship,” because you can’t run a crew and complete safely performed, sometimes challenging, always breathtaking shoreline projects without starting lower on the totem pole and working your way up.  But if you start there, put in the work, and show a spark, you can move up pretty quickly and perhaps run jobs solo within a season or so.  We want a working foreman, not a finger-pointer with clean boots.  We want a guy who does the work “in the trenches” alongside his crew, leading by example. Read about the foreman position here.

Whichever position you’re interested in, in addition to the 5 points we mentioned a few minutes ago, we’d also like you to be:

  • Outgoing.  Not shy.  Great sense of humor.
  • Not offended easily or constantly. Even when you are, you’re pretty good at letting it roll off your back.
  • A happy warrior.  Not a grumbler.
  • Full of pride in your handiwork, whatever you’re working on.
  • Bonus: if you happen to be an outdoorsman (e.g., a hunter, a fisherman, snowmobiler, etc.) you’ll feel right at home.

How to apply (and how not to) for this great job

If you want a rude reply (or no reply) from me, ask how much we pay, send me a two-liner, send us just your resume, or send an email that makes us wonder whether you soaked up everything we plainly stated a minute ago.  Good judgment in how you ask for a job is a sign you’ll show good judgment on the job.  Likewise for basic reading skills.