Whether you live along a shoreline, in a suburban community, or on a secluded plot of land, the land itself can overwhelm us. Sometimes it’s best to start from scratch by removing overgrown and dead landscaping that’s past its prime or curbing the spread of invasive plants, like buckthorn. Whatever your reasons, Landscape Guys are happy to help you tidy up your property.

Brush Clearing & Removal Services Near Minneapolis

Oftentimes, customers call us for brush-clearing services when they’re experiencing one of the following situations:

  • clearing neglected land for new construction or a second structure
  • improving land for better use
  • creating new access roads
  • clearing brush lines for fences or power lines right of ways
  • fire mitigation
  • home renovations
  • preparing a home for resale

While you could complete most of these tasks eventually, for projects of this scope, most homeowners are ill-equipped and want to call in the artillery. We’ve been doing this since the 90s, so we’ve been able to amass a huge collection of tools and machines to make brush removal and clearing much more effective. We have commercial-grade equipment and tools that can accomplish in one hour what it would have taken you a day to achieve. Let them do the work so you can spend more time enjoying the results.

Brush Clearing Process

Like many tasks in life, it’s often best to start with the simplest challenges before tackling the more complex. With brush clearing and removal it’s no different.

Initially, we focus on the easily accessible foliage, such as clusters of leafy bushes and reachable tree limbs. Working in pairs is the most efficient method: one person can gather and hold the bulk of the bush in a bear hug, while the other cuts the limbs at the base. The aim of this stage is to decrease the volume of above-ground foliage, making it simpler to navigate the area and maneuver upcoming equipment.

Next, we tackle the bulk of the remaining bushes and any ground cover. Larger or specialized tools come into play to manage bigger branches and their roots. Should there be any trees that need felling, we address them at this stage. Once segmented and on the ground, these trees are promptly hauled away, setting the stage for the greatest challenges to be addressed.

By now, most of the area is cleared, bringing us closer to your new outdoor canvas. However, there are usually some sizable trunks or stumps that still require attention because they proved too challenging by other means and methods. Depending on their size, we may opt to remove, grind, or chip them, ensuring they are fully cleared from your property. We’ll usually use a Bobcat in this stage as we’ve got more room to work since the recent clearing.

Finally, after removing numerous bushes and trees, the land will have an uneven surface thanks to all the holes from former root balls. To address this, we’ll perform landscape grading and spread topsoil using our Bobcat. This is aesthetically pleasing and also crucial to help direct water flow appropriately. We’ll ensure that water is channeled away from your home and towards designated areas, channels, or drains.

Contact Landscape Guys today to discuss your goals and get an estimate.  We serve the entire Twin Cities area and beyond.