Imagine a place in your yard where shimmering fish glide through clear waters, staring at your sandals with the same wonderment as you have in them.  It won’t seem like just a “yard” anymore, but rather a tranquil hacienda where the air is fresh and the oxygen bubbles in the water are fresh.  

It’s relaxing to watch the fish swim, particularly on a warm summer evening, and fish ponds are wonderful conversation starters whenever guests come over.  They’re conducive to conversation, thought, and forgetting for a minute that we’re in Minnesota.  The Landscape Guys can get your fish pond just right in one gulp.

What makes a healthy and thriving fish pond?

Part marine biology, part art.  It needs to be crafted carefully and with expertise. There are several critical factors in fish pond installation. We take all of them into account when helping you choose the best option for your property, goals, and budget.

Location.  The best location for your fish pond depends on the size of your property, the type of pond you want, and other landscape features like trees or hills. A good location receives sunlight throughout the day, is not under trees (with leaves that can clog the water), does not create any chance of water damage to your home’s foundation, and will not overflow with runoff from somewhere else. That may sound like a lot of constraints, but most properties have at least one area that works well.

Pond size and depth.  The factors involved in choosing a good location usually indicate what is the right size and depth for a fish pond. If the pond is too shallow it will freeze into a solid block in the winter. If it’s too deep, it’s harder to maintain and more likely to become murky. Depth is usually between 1.5 and 4 feet. The exact shape of the pond can vary greatly.

Liners.  Having a sturdy and durable liner in the pond keeps water in and plant roots out. It’s important to get this right on the first whack. Liners are much harder to put in once the pond is full of fish and water. We only use high-quality liners, which last for years.

Aeration.  Ponds need to be aerated for fish health, and to prevent algae and mosquitos from growing, which thrive in standing water. Whether you want a splashy fountain or a slow-bubbling waterfall, we know the right pumps and construction techniques to keep your pond crystal clear.

Strong shorelines.  It’s important to have the right shoreline construction around the pond, or else it can collapse over time. Soil alone tends to erode. We typically incorporate a layer of stones into the design of our ponds to ensure durability and longevity. We fix a LOT of shorelines, so we know exactly what to do to keep your pond holding its shape for years.

Fish species.  Two popular choices are goldfish and koi (carp).  Goldfish typically are suited for smaller ponds and need less attention, making them a good choice for beginners or extra-busy homeowners. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  On the other hand, koi are known for their distinct patterns, larger size, and traditional appeal. They require more commitment because they need greater volumes of water, more food, and can live for decades.  Choosing the right species depends on the size and shape of your pond, and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest in their care. We can help you in selecting the species that best suits your lifestyle.

Your fish are waiting patiently for you

Ready to transform a piece of your property into a soothing aquatic oasis with a beautiful fish pond and happy fish? Drop Landscape Guys a line.