Ever tried spreading more than about 3 yards of topsoil by hand?  By the end of it you feel like a medical school cadaver – if you make it to the end.  Your toil doesn’t matter much to the grass, though: the new, lush lawn you want requires not only that you give it a uniform layer of fresh, smooth, aerated topsoil, but also that you grade it properly, seed it at the right time, and compact it just the right amount, all in a very short window of time.

All of that is nigh impossible to do manually for a large chunk of lawn, let alone for a whole lawn.  But it’s just as bad if you pick the wrong Bobcat / skid-steer operator, like from the standard landscape company.  Either they don’t show up on the day you need them to and then you both get rained out for a week, or they fail to adhere to your specs, or they show no judgment or initiative and need you to tell them everything, or they back up into your window.  A simple job like topsoil-spreading quickly becomes become ultra-efficient mechanized failure.  At least the wheelbarrow-and-shovel alternative didn’t cost you thousands of dollars.

However much lawn you need to seed, Landscape Guys will get the soil spread on-time, and to your specs, and without your needing to babysit us.  We’ve got the experience (having been moving the earth since 1995).  Also, because we’re so accustomed to doing complete landscape makeovers, we know how the distribution of topsoil ties in with the rest of the landscaping work, like the grading, the compaction, the ease of seeding, your ability to prevent weeds, your sprinkler system, and the overall usability of your lawn while the grass is coming in.  We spread the topsoil with the master plan in mind, so we don’t just tune out while we’re in the Bobcat cockpit, nor do we rush through it.  We do it in a way that sets you up perfectly for what comes next.

Contact Landscape Guys to do tough work in a way that looks easy.