You may have heard the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  We’ll leave the interpretation of that to the scholars, but we agree with the poet Robert Frost – and you might also agree.  Getting a fence doesn’t make you a grumpy neighbor.  Rather, with a fence you’re choosing clarity over confusion and conflict, because it helps both you and your neighbors respect each other’s property.  The fence makes good neighbors out of both of you – and it can look sharp and even make your property look bigger.

Landscape Guys can help you build a little more harmony by building you a fence.  We can work with just about any material and make it work on just about any landscape, depending on your goals, budget, and property.

  • Privacy fence. It’s natural to want peace, quiet, and privacy for your home. Our privacy fences can help make that a reality. They’re made from solid panels of  wood, vinyl, or composite materials, and range from about 6 to 8 feet high.  Because of the quantity and weight of materials, placing the concrete footers in the right spots is critical, as is making sure the fence posts are plumb.  That requires being able to “read” your landscape – its little hills, its drainage, its boundaries – with skill.  Many fence installers don’t see a problem until they’ve built half the fence.
  • Chain link fences. If you want to deter 4-legged or 2-legged creatures, but would also like to see what’s on the other side of your fence, a chain-link fence is a very solid option. There’s a reason this is the most common type of fencing: It’s strong, affordable, and effective. For enclosing a backyard, garden, or pool, chain link fences are usually 4 to 6 feet high.
  • Ornamental fences. Ornamental fences often are made from steel or aluminum, and usually designed to mimic the look of a wrought-iron fence, while being just as durable and less expensive. These fences are mainly decorative, but still mark property boundaries and can deter potential intruders. They usually range from 3 to 6 feet high, depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Wrought-iron fences. They’re strong, elegant, and low-maintenance.  Of course, they’re the most expensive of the bunch.

Here are some things to keep in mind for each type of fence:

  • Ease of maintenance. Different fencing materials come with different maintenance requirements.
  • Privacy fences made from wood may need to be repainted every few years to keep them from rotting. On the other hand, vinyl and composite fencing options need very little maintenance, apart from occasional cleaning.
  • A chain link fence is very durable and low-maintenance, but it’s worth checking periodically for signs of rust or other damage.
  • Similarly, ornamental fences made from steel or aluminum are designed to resist corrosion, but they still benefit from occasional cleaning or touch-ups to their finish.

Cost. The cost of fence installation can vary widely based on the type of fence, its length, and its height.

  • Wooden privacy fences tend to be on the lower-cost end of the spectrum, though the price can increase depending on the type of wood you choose, and on whether you opt for extra features like decorative post caps or lattice tops. Vinyl and composite fences have a higher upfront cost, but require less maintenance, which could save you money in the long term.
  • Chain link fences are typically the most cost-effective option, especially for larger properties.
  • Both ornamental and wrought-iron fences can be more expensive due to their intricate designs and the durable materials used, but they offer a classic, high-end look.

Customization options. One of the joys of choosing a fence for your property is the ability to customize it to match your home and personal style.

  • Privacy fences can be painted or stained and in any color you choose, allowing them to complement your home’s exterior. Some vinyl and composite fences also come in a range of colors and finishes.
  • Chain link fences, though less customizable in terms of color, can be enhanced with privacy slats or climbing plants.
  • Ornamental fences offer a range of design options, from the classic wrought-iron style to more modern and minimal designs. Details like post caps, decorative scrolls, or finials can add a unique touch to your fence.

Let’s build your good neighbor

Contact Landscape Guys to discuss your property-line and privacy goals and to get an estimate on your fence.  We serve the Twin Cities area.