Nothing wrecks a house faster than water can.  If you’ve got a wet basement you’ve already seen some of the damage even a little water can cause, and that’s just the damage you can see: Even a little dampness on or near the foundation can create or worsen cracks and other damage that takes Herculean work and many thousands of dollars to fix.  A good 95% of the time poor grading or poor drainage on your property is responsible for too much water around your foundation, and for the expensive repairs.

Bad grading and drainage also foul up your yard and the rest of your property.  With poor grading you get puddles that drown your grass and other plants, patches that are always muddy and that get ripped up by even the lightest foot traffic, a driveway that’s like the log flume at the amusement park, and extremely dangerous icy patches in the winter.

We can fix just about any kind of drainage issue.  Most of the time, simple grading improvements help more than anything else can.  Whether that involves flattening a bump, digging a trench near your gutter downspouts, or adding soil next to the foundation and grading it away from the house, just moving around a little land can accomplish wonders.  Our excavator, skid-steers, and skilled and experienced landscapers will make it look easy.  Beyond that, we can help with French drains, culverts, and other systems that discharge water.

Effective drainage is the foundation of a landscape that doesn’t endanger your home, that’s practical to maintain, and that is a pleasure to behold and to spend time in.  Contact Landscape Guys to check it off the list.