Message from the owner

I started Landscape Guys, LLC – AKA Palumbo Landscaping, until recently – in 1995 and incorporated in June of 1996. My first taste of landscaping came when I was only 12-years old helping a contractor landscape my parents house. It wasn’t necessarily the landscaping itself that caught my attention but rather the lack of attention to detail that was missed.

I thrive on detail and perfection and decided to apply those skills through the art of landscaping. Due to the fierce competitive pricing within the landscape industry I was lead to believe that consumers would always choose price over quality, when in fact I’ve found just the opposite to be true. Though I admit I cannot compete with the “Dollar Menu” landscapers who thrive on quantity vs. quality, I provide a service that is truly unmatched and in most cases is simply not even available.

When hiring Palumbo Landscaping to complete your project you are in essence hiring an absolute perfectionist, Joe Palumbo himself. I will meet with you to estimate your project and be there onsite throughout the completion of your project. I will make sure all your needs have been met and the quality of my work has exceeded your expectations.

” Any job worth doing, is a job worth doing RIGHT. ”

Joe Palumbo

Who We Are

Palumbo Landscaping is a landscaping company based out of Forest Lake, Minnesota.We specialize in landscaping, and lawn care services. We’ve been in business more than a decade. We are also members of multiple organizations. We have a quality and knowledgable staff that will get the job done right – always exceeding your expectations. We have no qualms with competitors who sell for less. After all, they should know what their own product and quality of service is worth!

Doing business for more than a decade
Half the jobs, twice the quality
Courteous & Uniformed employees

Our Membership

Translates to Quality
We are members of quality organizations in the business and landscaping fields. Membership to these organizations ensures you’re working with quality!