Patio installation in Minnesota

You love a good patio, and so do we.  A patio is an area for outdoor meals, family gatherings, spontaneous hang-outs, gardening or outdoor tasks, temporary storage, and more.  It never gets muddy, and you don’t have to mow it or maintain it.  You can pair it with a fire pit, outdoor seating, walkways, garden beds, plants, and any number of other features.

Easier said than done.  Most patios aren’t installed on level ground, or they develop or worsen drainage issues, or they constantly collect ant hills and detritus, or they look rough after 2 winters, or they never quite met your expectations to begin with.

Landscape Guys can build a mean patio.  From our planning and anticipating possible drainage or sunlight or safety issues, to our painstaking grading and surface prep, to our selection of materials, to our ability to pair your patio with any other landscape features you’d like, we will get it right on the first whack.  We don’t do concrete patios, because our specialties are pavers and natural stone.  That’s because we’ve found pavers and stones to be the materials that can meet your specs, whatever those specs may be.

Contact Landscape Guys to get the patio down pat.