Patio installation in Minnesota

You love a good patio, and so do we.  A patio is an area for outdoor meals, family gatherings, spontaneous hang-outs, gardening or outdoor tasks, temporary storage, and more.  It never gets muddy, and you don’t have to mow it or maintain it.  You can pair it with a fire pit, outdoor seating, walkways, garden beds, plants, and any number of other features.

Easier said than done.  Most patios aren’t installed on level ground, or they develop or worsen drainage issues, or they constantly collect ant hills and detritus, or they look rough after 2 winters, or they never quite met your expectations to begin with.

Landscape Guys can build a mean patio.  From our planning and anticipating possible drainage or sunlight or safety issues, to our painstaking grading and surface prep, to our selection of materials, to our ability to pair your patio with any other landscape features you’d like, we will get it right on the first whack.  We don’t do concrete patios, because our specialties are pavers and natural stone.  That’s because we’ve found pavers and stones to be the materials that can meet your specs, whatever those specs may be.

We hired Palumbo Landscaping to install drain tile and re-slope our swampy walkout area and install a patio. Little did we or Joe know the extent of the problem that was below the ground. Joe and his crew fought a stream of water the entire first day. Despite what had to be a frustrating start, Joe and his crew never showed it and put in long hours and much effort into our problem child of a back yard. My 3 neighbors who are home all day (one retired, one teacher, and one who works from home) all told me about the great efforts they were making and commented that that patio isn’t going anywhere. Joe and his crew clearly take pride in what they do. He was so bothered by a little mud splash on my window that he couldn’t clean that night due to the patio just being installed that he showed up the next day (despite me saying it was no big deal) and cleaned it up. I am thankful that we selected Palumbo Landscaping as I am not sure if other outfits would have put the effort into the project that was required to get it done right. The end result is we have an outstanding patio and a yard that we can use again. I will recommend Palumbo Landscaping to anyone and would use them again in a heartbeat.” – Jared Crep (see review on Google Maps)

“Joe and his guys just completed an amazing landscaping job for us and we couldn’t be happier! They are true professionals who focus on customer needs and take great pride in their work. They laid a beautiful flowing rock border around our house that included a set of functional and attractive boulders, several of which Joe added at no extra cost. They also cleared out a large section of overgrowth that had crept in over the years and we feel like we can breath again! The highlight of their work is the lovely paver patio they put in the front yard. They used all top grade materials and exhibited true expertise and artistry in their design and built it so solid so you could drive on it! They surrounded the patio with mulch and two gorgeous stepping stones and we are excited to start planting a perennial garden. Our thanks to Joe and his landscaping guys for a job well done. They work hard, they know what they are doing, and it shows! We will definitely call on them again if needed and we strongly recommend them to anyone.” – Deb Maki (see review on Google Maps)

“From my first contact with Joe from The Landscape Guys (owner), I had a feeling my landscaping project was going to be a success. He was VERY responsive! I was impressed with the communication with him. He always responded quickly, even before hiring them. My landscaping project was quite large, removing old existing deteriorated landscaping including large boulders, rock gardens, lawn, trees, etc. Next came re-grading the land, and installation of new landscaping. This included new garden areas, boulders, rock, mulch, several new beautiful trees, resurfacing a patio, relocating irrigation heads, fill, topsoil, sod, and thinning a wooded area behind the house. Next came the plantings. We worked with their designer and she came up with an excellent plan. There were many plantings including shrubs and dozens of different types of gorgeous flowering plants. The crew installed the plantings and the end result is absolutely beautiful! There were so many trucks coming and going to haul away the old landscaping and bringing in the new… It was an orchestrated and well-timed project! I was truly impressed with how all that was organized and blown away with the end result! Hats-off to Joe’s crew! Ron, Gary, Mike and all the other guys, they did an outstanding job. They made sure throughout the process that we were totally satisfied, and asked that if ANYTHING wasn’t perfect, to let them know right away and they’d make it right. They were very respectful of my property and my neighbors’ as well. There were many vehicles parked here, and many coming and going. Never ONCE did one of them put a tire even one inch on any of my neighbors’ or my boulevard. One neighbor told me he was so impressed about that! They cleaned up every evening before ending their work for the day. And I mean CLEAN! Sweeping, washing, organizing their equipment. They were extraordinarily professional and respectful. The end result was astonishing. The transformation was amazing! Joe has a great team of people and it was a pleasure to work with them. They made sure we were completely satisfied and happy. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend them.” – Steve Breimhurst (see review on Google Maps)

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