You’ve cleared the brush, improved the grading, spread the topsoil, and installed the patio or retaining wall or new plantings.   It’s now time for the final shootout with your big landscaping project: seeding the grass.

Landscape Guys will help you pull it off in dramatic fashion in the final scene of the movie, so you can move onto the sequel (maintaining and enjoying your new lawn).  We can give you glorious grass in one of 3 ways: hydroseeding, direct seeding, or sod installation.

We tend to recommend hydroseeding whenever possible, because of how even and thick the coverage is, the relative ease of keeping the seed and soil moist, and the way it minimizes weed growth.  Even so, we can also direct-seed or install sod, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, depending on the time of year and on the needs of your specific lawn.

Contact Landscape Guys to make sure the grass is always greener on this side.