Has your driveway, patio, or path lost its way?

Paver stones and cobblestones can add great character – think smile lines – to your property. But as time goes on and they become worn, this can be the wrong type of character. On top of that, uneven and missing stones can easily become safety hazards, causing trips and twisted ankles.

Completely replacing a paver stone or cobblestone installation is a big job. The good news is, you often do not need to replace every paver or cobblestone, but can use the much quicker and less expensive option of having them professionally resurfaced by the Landscape Guys.

The Resurfacing Process for Pavers and Cobblestones

Resurfacing paver stones or cobblestones involves cleaning and repairing them, rather than digging everything up and replacing it with new stones. The specific process for resurfacing varies, depending on the type and condition of the stones, but it generally looks like this:

Inspection. We thoroughly inspect the stones to identify any issues. Sometimes all you need is resurfacing. Other times, if stones are missing, cracked, or buckled upward because of frost heave or tree roots, you may need some replacements and other work to get your surfaces back to looking their best.

Cleaning. We clean and power wash the area to remove dirt, moss, and weeds. Just like a painter needs a blank canvas to start painting, it’s best to start resurfacing when the stones are clean.

Repairs & Replacement. It’s time to repair or replace the loose or damaged stones that we found earlier.

Resurfacing. With everything prepared, we can now begin the actual resurfacing process.

For paver stones, this involves making sure everything is as flat and even as when they were first installed. We do this by pulling up sections as needed, adding new sand and gravel beneath them where appropriate, compacting it, and putting them back.

For cobblestones, once we’ve made the surface clean and even through all the previous steps, we’ll repoint the joints with fresh mortar.

Sealing. When the repairs and resurfacing is complete, we apply a sealant to protect the new surface from weathering and wear. What type of sealant is best will depend on the specific type of stone on your property.

Ready for Your Transformation?

Tired of looking at uneven pavers or loose cobblestones? Don’t let yourself go another day not liking the view. You may be surprised at how fast we can fix it.

Contact us today for a free estimate and let Landscape Guys rejuvenate your paver stone or cobblestone surfaces.