There’s a reason people have been using stone walls for thousands of years. They are strong, durable, and effective at marking property boundaries. From ancient cities to medieval castles, from the stonework of New England farmers to modern landscaping, stone and boulder walls are part of a time-tested tradition.

Stone Wall Construction

Here’s what to expect if you decide to have Landscape Guys put in a stone wall.

We’ll survey your property and discuss your vision for the wall. What you’re going for, and the unique features of your land, help determine the best size, shape, and stone type for your wall.

All stone walls need a stable foundation. We make sure yours is rock-solid by digging a trench where the wall will go, and filling it with a layer of compacted gravel or concrete. Which we use depends on your soil type and other factors.

The type of stone used for your wall makes a big impact on its look and character. Sandstone, limestone, slate, or fieldstone are all popular choices. Each stone has a unique color and texture.

When the foundation is ready, it’s time to start building the wall. Larger flat stones are usually placed at the bottom. The gaps between them are filled with smaller stones, creating a tightly fitted stone structure. Everything is locked in place with mortar, in what’s called wet-stacking.  Wet-stacking creates a traditional look, and is stronger than dry-stacking the wall (i.e. placing stones on top of each other without mortar in between).

We top off the wall with flat capstones, which give it a more cohesive, polished appearance.

Boulder Wall Construction

Boulder walls make a statement. They’re often used to mark boundaries or add decorative elements to your garden.

As with stone walls, the design, location, height, and length of the boulder wall first needs to be planned out. Then we’ll dig a foundation trench and fill it with concrete or compacted gravel, as determined by what is best for your property.

River rock, granite, and volcanic rock are popular choices for boulders.

We’ll arrange the boulders in a way that looks natural and visually appealing. We can top the wall with larger boulders or a mix of smaller stones and soil, depending on what you like.


Effective drainage is important for both types of walls. Without it, water buildup can weaken the wall’s foundation, or cause erosion through runoff. We know a thing or two about drains and will design your walls for proper drainage and erosion prevention, so they will stay strong and stable for decades to come.

Timeless, Durable, Effective

Stone and boulder walls never go out of style. They require little maintenance compared to other types of fencing and wall options, don’t need painting or sealing, and can withstand harsh weather. They are a beautiful way to add partitions and boundaries to your property, and give it an organized, well-planned look.

Ready to join 5,000 years of tradition, without hauling 10,000 pounds of stones yourself? Contact Landscape Guys today to learn more about getting your own stone or boulder wall.