Like the great Rodney Dangerfield, retaining walls don’t get no respect.  Neighbors seldom compliment you on them, you can’t relax on them, kids can’t play on them, and you can’t deck them out or refine them over time.

Yet a retaining wall is a critical part of your landscape.  It serves as a protective barrier, it helps prevent erosion, it minimizes pooling and improves runoff, and it allows you to achieve a specific grade with the soil above it.  When structurally solid and made out of the right materials, a retaining wall can be beautiful in its own right and can add beauty to your entire property.  If you don’t need one, you probably want one.

Even more so than usual, you don’t want to hire any old landscaper to build a retaining wall.  With a multi-ton landscape feature that can collapse underfoot or onto someone’s head, “cheapest” or “fastest” may invite trouble.  A retaining wall that doesn’t cause you pain requires a crew that will go to pains over the height, the choice of material, the angle of repose, the backward-slope angle, the drainage, code-compliance, and more considerations.  As usual, a pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood.

Landscape Guys can build you a retaining wall worthy of Giza.  We build retaining walls out of interlocking blocks, brick, stone, and logs.  Often we build them as part of complete landscape makeovers.  Wherever it fits into the master plan for your landscape, your wall will do it all.  Contact us today to get started.

“The Landscape Guys rebuilt a retaining wall around my front entry. Everything went perfectly from beginning to end. My initial inquiry was responded to promptly as well every other communication. The crew members (Ron, Brody and Mike) were personable, professional and incredibly industrious working for several hours on the project. Ron was a master at cutting stone to cap the wall perfectly. Every detail was attended to beyond my expectations!” – June Larson (see review on Google Maps)