Installing mulch is one of those projects where most landscapers and homeowners “know enough to be dangerous.”

For instance, did you know that you actually should not put weed barrier under mulch?  Not only is it unnecessary to deter weeds if you lay down enough mulch, but it also interferes with water drainage and is more likely to slide around and look unkempt.  Plus, weed barrier prevents the mulch from feeding nutrients to the soil underneath as the mulch breaks down over time, starving the soil in the process.

You also need to be careful where you install mulch, because it can get moldy if it’s in a spot that doesn’t get enough direct sunlight, and because certain insects – like millipedes – love to shack up in it.  You may have nothing against mold and millipedes, but you may not want them in certain parts of your property.

Mulch that’s used for tree rings, flower beds, and other features typically requires a strong edging game, but it needs to be installed in such a way that you (or someone) can mow or string-trim around it with relative ease.

As with making a grilled cheese sandwich, French toast, or popcorn, it’s easy to do a solid job on your mulch, but it’s much easier not to and to make a mess in the process.  Doing a simple thing extremely well can be more satisfying than doing or buying something fancy.

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