We yell at our kids if their rooms are unclean, we snap at our spouses if they get a spot on our cars, and we always have something to say about the maternity of anyone whose dog jettisons payload on the edge of our property.

So whose job is it to clean up your yard waste?  Ours.  You can do it yourself, of course, but that can be pretty miserable (and an exceptionally sweaty workout).  Sometimes it needs to get done so you can proceed with the landscaping project you’ve always wanted done, and sometimes it needs to get done just because the place looks like a pig pen.

We’ll haul away the brush and just about everything else that may be an affront to your eyes, a toe-stub hazard on your property, and a barrier to progress.  Whether your cleanup needs are big or small, a one-time task or regular maintenance to keep things nice and trim, we’ll quickly get your landscape to look the way you’ve always wanted.

Here are some of the many things we can clean up for you:

Organic Landscape Waste Cleanup:

  • Fallen leaves and grass clippings.
  • Pruned branches and tree limbs, shrub trimmings, and brush piles.
  • Trimmings and clippings from hedges and bushes. Fallen fruits, nuts, or pinecones that can accumulate.
  • Excess soil from landscaping projects, unused soil amendments like compost or perlite, and old garden soil.
  • Removal of old or pruned garden plants and weed piles. Disposal of old or unused garden pots, containers, and planters.
  • Debris from garden ponds or water features. Removal of old or damaged fountain or birdbath components.
  • Removal of old firewood piles that are no longer usable, and excess wood chips or bark mulch.
  • Removal of tree stumps left after tree removal.

Non-Organic Landscape Waste Cleanup:

  • Discarded or broken fencing materials, including old fencing panels, posts, or wires.
  • Removal of rocks, stones, or gravel from landscaping projects, as well as decorative rocks or boulders.
  • Removal of old or outgrown outdoor playsets, swings, or trampolines.
  • Dismantling and removal of small outdoor sheds, gazebos, or greenhouses.
  • Disposal of leftover bricks, stones, lumber, or other building materials from DIY projects. 
  • Disposal of non-functional or outdated outdoor lighting fixtures.

Miscellaneous Landscape Waste Cleanup:

  • Disposal of old or broken gardening tools, equipment, or machinery.
  • Removal of unwanted or broken garden statues and sculptures.
  • Removal of old or damaged garden netting used for pest control.
  • Safe disposal of empty pesticide containers following local guidelines, and the disposal of non-functioning irrigation pipes, hoses, or sprinklers.
  • Any other non-hazardous waste materials that may accumulate in the yard.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s useful.  If it’s part of making your landscape the way you’ve always pictured it, we’re interested, and we’ll exceed your expectations (as you’ll find out soon enough).  Contact Landscape Guys today to get started.  We serve the entire Twin Cities area.