Landscape edging installation in Minnesota

Unless it’s installed properly, edging is dreadful.  It requires a lot of surface prep and digging, and relatively expensive material.  You make progress inch by inch, and there are no shortcuts.  And that’s IF you install it correctly.  When one doesn’t install edging correctly, common mistakes include:

  • Picking no-dig edging when dig-in edging is needed
  • Using weed barrier or not using it, depending on the situation
  • Not grading or leveling the surface (in which case the edging doesn’t lie flat)
  • Installing it in a way that deters water runoff and causes or worsens drainage issues
  • Picking the wrong material, perhaps one that breaks or rots easily
  • Not knowing how to make the edging curve attractively
  • Not installing it in a way or with a material that makes string-trimming easy
  • Not pairing it with a decorative stone border or an additional, parallel run of edging
  • Not knowing the right material to use in your particular situation, or even knowing what all your material options are

Edging is one of the trickier parts of landscaping, in that there are so many uses for it, materials it’s made of, and techniques – good and bad – for installing it.  On the plus side, assuming the digging isn’t too difficult, it’s not a super-physical part of a landscaping project, and by itself is still what we’d consider a feasible do-it-yourself task.

In any event, edging is an important part of at least 95% of the successful landscape makeover projects we’ve seen and completed.  Especially if you’re working on just about every other aspect of your landscaping, the edging is about the last place you want to cut corners.

We’ve mastered every edging material, including:

  • Poly edging
  • Metal edging
  • Wood edging new wood and reclaimed wood
  • Brick edging
  • Concrete edging
  • Lighted concrete edging
  • Recycled-materials edging

We’ll install your edging to your standards the first time, and will make it look even better than how you’re picturing it in your head.  It will play nicely with the rest of your landscape, won’t break or break down 2 years from now, will be easy to work around, and will be a sight to behold.  Contact Landscape Guys to get started.