Who can till fields and gardens in Minnesota & Wisconsin? We can! No need to break your back or buy farm equipment.

Bodyweight exercises are humbling.  Tilling a field, large garden, or even a small garden is both humbling and exhausting.  It gets tiring after about 10 minutes.  If you’re a human, you want to be a horse.  If you’re a horse, you want to be a tractor.  Working the fields is the very image of toil.

The task is unavoidable, though.  Tilling the soil (AKA plowing or cultivating) is critical if you’re even an amateur farmer or a semi-serious gardener.  Tilling helps to aerate the soil, improve drainage, incorporate fertilizer and other soil amendments, rip up weeds, break up root structures, redistribute bacteria, help everything decompose, and create beautiful rows that help you space out your plants.  Tilling not only allows you to get your seeds into the ground, but also gives those seeds the best chances at growing to fruition.

We’re guessing you don’t want to till the soil yourself.  One reason farming took off in the Fertile Crescent before just about everywhere else is that horses are native to that part of the world (the Middle East).  The horses can plow the fields, and you can save your energy for building the rest of your civilization.

Landscape Guys have the horses – or at least the skid steers with tiller attachments – to till your arable land.  If you’ve got flat, open land, and it’s as small as 100’ x 100’ or as large as 10 acres, we can till the soil and make it look easy.  Note: we can’t till raised beds, because our skid steers can’t jump, and even if they could, they’d crush the structure.

You don’t need to choose between either days of toil in the sun and watching your crops die or not even grow in the first place.  You can kick back with a mint julep and watch our wheels and blades go round and round.

We serve the greater Twin Cities area and western WisconsinContact Landscape Guys for easy and efficient tilling, a bigger harvest, and a greener thumb.